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Your wedding day should be the most unforgettable day of your life. Gathering your family and friends to celebrate the joining of you both in matrimony is a beautiful occasion and a once-in-a-lifetime experience. With Wedding Box, you can ensure that your day is as perfect and unforgettable as can be, with all the personal touches adding to the occasion.

We believe that, no matter what your budget, you deserve for your day to encompass everything you want it to be. And, once the big day has passed and your life as husband and wife begins, we want to be able to give you a little extra reward. That's why, with the Wedding Box 'Sell My Wedding' marketplace, we make it easy to sell your wedding items to those looking for a special something for a special day.

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From finding the perfect wedding ring for you and your significant other, to sourcing affordable, sophisticated wedding invitations, we at Wedding Box aim to support you in preparing for your big day in style. You can browse the most popular products for weddings in the UK, or search for a specific item you need. Regardless of when and where your wedding is taking place, you can use Wedding Box to find every wedding essential you need.

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Any wedding is expensive, with costs often exceeding tens of thousands of pounds. We think that it's only fair that you're able to recoup some of your expenditure on your big day once it's passed. After all, you only ever plan on getting married once, right? With our Sell My Wedding marketplace, you can help others find the items they need to make their big day special, and earn back some of the money you spent. Simply post your items online today.

How to sell my wedding dress?

One of the most common questions we hear is, "how do I sell my wedding dress?" While many brides choose to keep their dress, either as a reminder of the big day or to use in the future to craft a Christening gown for their children, many would rather the chance to pass on their dress to others. At Wedding Box, we make it easy to sell your wedding dress online. Simply post a new auction today.


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Making sure you're fully prepared and ready for your wedding day may never seem complete. With Wedding Box, you can take the steps to ensuring that you have all the wedding essentials you need to make your wedding day a spectacular and unforgettable event.














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